Most intimidating fans in football

21-Aug-2017 12:56

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Who knows with a bit of confidence we could pick up to 2.1PPG and have a playoff place.It’s not impossible Leicester won the Premier League after a dodgy start to their season.We need to beat all of the teams worse than us, and there are several, and win a few games against the opposition in the top third of the league.The way we are improving and, when you’re bottom of the league the only way is up, (unless you go down!

Tom Lynn Dear ALS Can anyone please explain what SAFC think they are doing in employing a manager who wants to be here, who shows real passion, talks the club and supporters up, and has stated he’s bringing his wife and kids to live in the area immediately as he wants to be totally committed to the task of rejuvenating our football club? Tom Lynn Dear ALS, I like the look of the new Gaffer, in contrast to Moyes and Grayson he looks full of energy, young and Dynamic just what we need.

Optimism has been like fool’s gold at the So L in recent seasons, but perhaps we’re about to strike real gold in the form of a successful second half of the season and, who knows, get back to where owe belong shortly afterwards. I feel Jack Rodwell and Lamine Kone should volunteer to repaint them.